WordPress plugin :: 3D object (wavefront .obj) player/viewer

This WordPress plugin adds a TinyMCE button to easily insert a 3d object hosted at http://p3d.in/ into your WordPress website posts or pages.
At http://p3d.in/ objects can be uploaded in wavefront .obj format.
P3D.in is an amazing service allowing to present your 3d models on the internet (truly in the “cloud”) and embed them into your own webpages.

p3d.in is your online 3D visualization tool. show your 3D models to your friends, clients, work mates, students, teachers..

The plugin features

  • option to start model in auto-spin mode
  • full screen feature
  • Google Chrome Frame installation suggestion for Internet Explorer users
  • 3D object insert button (TinyMCE) in visual editing mode.

3D object player/viewer Screenshots

3D Opject Viewer Settings

3D Object Viewer Settings

3D Opject insert TinyMCE button

3D Opject insert TinyMCE button

Live Example


Supported Browsers

WebGL must be supported by and enabled on your browser in order to view P3D objects. This means that you have to use not only a supported browser but also have the graphics card that supports WebGL.  See if your browser supports WebGL.

With the newer graphics cards the supported browsers are the latest Google Chrome, Firefox WebKit nightly builds and Google Chrome Frame on/with Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer by itself does not support WebGL).

On older computers you will have the most luck having WebGL working by using Google Chrome. On some platforms with “blacklisted” graphics cards WebGL can be enabled on Firefox.

For support, feature suggestions, feedback, to report a bug or if you have a question regarding this 3d object viewer plugin leave your comments below.

  • http://www.onejustone.com Sivam Krish

    Just super. Thanks. Good if you can give instructions as to how install the the plugin. Normally I do it through the WP system. But figured out how. Also it is not clear how to set the display size.

    Great Stuff.

  • http://www.onejustone.com Sivam Krish

    For 3D printing applications you do not want to display the item beyond a certain size. It will be good if you can have a switch for the magnification function so that it can be turned off. The same for the side menu.



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  • http://www.davidkertesz.com Dave

    Hello, there is a bug in your current viewer where if you embed your P3d files into your WordPress blog, maximize a model, minimize that model and maximize another model it will only display the first model in a maximized view. My brother fixed that bug in the php file and I am hosting the updated zipped pluggin here:


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  • http://develterematthias.wordpress.com/ MatthiasDeveltere

    So now I got the P3D folder
    What do I do now ?
    I am a noob in this stuff

  • David Gaian

    Hey guys… how to reach you guys. Possibly, beyond use of your plug-in, hire you for some 3D work.

    Skype me: davidgaian

  • muneera salah

    hi , how i can upload my my object and make allow change to visitor ? ,
    I used wordpress cms

  • jubbs_sher

    Hey, any way to get it to display textures? .obj files come with .mtl (material library’s) and a .jpg texture. Is this possible? Many thanks!

  • Stevesan

    It doesn’t work. When entering the .obj address at p3d (which has to be http and not https) the viewer starts but shows a 404. Despite the address being correct.